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Many non-Chinese speakers ask questions about how to learn mandarin.

Learning Mandarin independently can be a difficult task. There are many aspects to learn, which makes it difficult to identify what’s worth prioritizing and what’s going to be held aside for a later. Without a helpful structure in place, it will be easy to have a gap in your knowledge. But with the Resourcification of an online Mandarin class, one can learn mandarin much easier.

Many people find Mandarin Chinese to be one of the most difficult languages to learn. However, what if the difficulty wasn’t with the language, but with the instructional approaches that most people use? What if there was a much more effective way of learning that uses systematic concepts to help you learn Mandarin as native speakers do.


Get unique learning experience!

With our online classes you have access to unique educational tools.

Structured learning

Absolute beginners can start at lesson 1 to basic mandarin and work their way up. Each course continues where the previous one ends, so the more you learn, the higher you go.

Fun & Engaging Learning

At OMC, we adopt a fun and interactive class format, which makes it even more suitable for your child to learn Mandarin in a pleasant and engaging atmosphere.

Support of our experienced teachers

Our classes conducted by experienced tutors which will be conducted in live session where Q&A is possible.

HRDF claimable

Similarly, corporate and business in Malaysia can benefit immensely from our programs leveraging the HRDF Claimable.

New friend & business partners

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Remember, you're never too old or too young to start learning a new language TODAY.

Learn Mandarin with our live professional instructor, and watch the language come alive.

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