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Are you in dire need to learn the Mandarin Language?

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We at Online Mandarin Class situated at Empire Tower Subang Jaya (Kuala Lumpur) are guided by our vision of helping those seeking to learn Mandarin to develop their passion and have them sounding like a native speaker.

online mandarin class
online mandarin class
online mandarin class

Get all necessary skills for new career

Availability of professional teachers (or tutors) who conduct live classes along with Q&A sessions where necessary.

Learning Materials

Electronic learning materials are provided in PDF files to ease learning and encourage learning at personal space

Receive international certificate

After the successful completion of your courses, you will be awarded a certificate.

Suitable for children and adults

Because we have everyone at heart, we made our courses even more suitable for children and adults.

Speaking skills first

Our courses focus on speaking skills to achieve proficiency.

Fun learning method

To foster fast learning, we ensure that the learning process is jovial and full of life.

Start learning today!

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Forget about those packaged language programs with no Personal environment. We’re here to make learning Mandarin convenient and fun for YOU.

online mandarin class

Remember, you're never too old or too young to start learning a new language TODAY.

Learn Mandarin with our live professional instructor, and watch the language come alive.